CM Selections Coffee, The Winning Coffee of World Barista Championship 2018
Jun 29, 2018

Last week, the prestigious event for baristas in the world, World Barista Championship 2018 has been held in Amsterdam. Agnieszka Rojewska of Poland has won the championship this year. Her experiences in the coffee industry for more than 10 years is taking her to this achievement and become the first woman to win this prestigious event ever since it was held back in 2000 in Monte Carlo, Monaco for the first time.

A great achievement for Agnieszka. Remembering that the world of specialty coffee is identical and dominated by men. This achievement also reminds us to another female figure, Erna Knutsen, who introduces term Specialty Coffee to describe the quality of specially treated coffee, with other special supporting factors from the planting process to serving it in a cup.



Curious about the coffee that became Agnieszka’s ammunition in WBC 2018? Agnieszka used experimental coffee bean series from Project Origin’s, CM Selections. What is CM Selections? CM stands for Carbonic Maceration. Usually, this process used for winemaking. Project Origin’s experimented with applying this process to their coffee beans. By fermentation using carbon dioxide. The coffee beans used are a 10-year-old coffee tree planted at 2300 meters ASL.

CM process doesn’t replace the natural method, washed, semi-washed which are well known in the world of coffee. This process only adding extra phase during the process. This phase is done to develop the taste of the coffee through the fermentation process. The coffee’s skin is taken out and it is pressurized with carbon dioxide inside a tank to remove the oxygen in coffee. Thus, the coffee used by Agnieszka has the characteristic of more intense yellow fruit and extraordinary sweetness.

Curious about Agniezka coffee recipe used during WBC 2018? Find the answer in the next article