International Coffee Day - Women In Coffee
Oct 01, 2018

As the second biggest commodity in the world, people has been pouring undivided attention to the development of coffee industry. To date, it has been cultivated by more than 50 countries and being consumed up to two billion cups per day in the world. The expansion of coffee industry is certainly inseparable from people who sacrifice their time and energy to plant, harvest, and all of the processes that follows until it is ready to be served. Enjoying a high quality cup of joe is certainly what coffee connoisseur in the world consider an ideal in life. A long journey from upstream to downstream to get a cup of better coffee isn’t something to be overlooked. The seriousness and love of the community for this brew becomes even more complete when International Coffee Organization (ICO) established October 1st as International Coffee Day. This event since then has become a day to celebrate the diversity of coffee that exist today and as a form of appreciation for people who dedicate themselves in the industry.

This year, “Women in Coffee” is the theme chosen for International Coffee Day. Although coffee industry is usually identical with men, women also take an important role starting from planting, processing all the way to brewing a cup of coffee. Now, coffee isn’t only consumed by men but women too. It indicates that coffee has succeed to amaze all circle and women began to show their presence in coffee industry. One of them is the successful Polish barista, Agnieszka Rojewska, who won the prestigious event for baristas in the world at the World Barista Championship 2018, in Amsterdam. In Indonesia, female baristas are also quite easy to find in coffee shops. Not only as baristas, a lot of women also work as Q grader, cafe owner and coffee competition judges. Of course, the presence of women makes the coffee industry more colorful.

Drinking coffee has already become a routine long ago for Indonesian before leaving for work and usually is identical with men. These day, enjoying a cup of coffee becomes a part of lifestyle. This lifestyle encourages the coffee industry in Indonesia to continue to grow and develop. Coffee shops are now easily encountered both in the cities and suburb areas. There are at least 3,000 active coffee shops operating in Jakarta (First Quarter 2018). The increase of coffee consumption also encourage farmers and coffee processors to innovate in order to provide a variety of quality coffee choices, it is as if consumers are being spoiled by the wide range of choices of coffee menu from baristas and cafe owners.

There are many ways we can do to celebrate International Coffee Day. You can enjoy your favorite coffee at your favorite coffee shop, do trip to coffee plantation with your friends or take pictures with coffee farmers or your favorite baristas and don’t forget to upload it on your social media along with #InternationalCoffeeDay as hashtag. These little things are enough to prove that we both appreciate the hard work of people who dedicate their life in search of quality coffee. Happy International Coffee Day!