Roasting Level & Brewing Method
May 15, 2018

What is your favorite roast level? Roasting is one of the most important process in creating flavors, character, and aroma of coffee. Generally there are 4 levels of roasting; light, medium, medium dark roast and dark roast.


If you like coffee with similar texture to tea; soft with flavors of original character of the coffee itself, then light roast is the right choice for you. Recommended brewing methods for this level of roasting are pour over, cold brew and aeropress.

For those who prefer to have a balance composition of taste, aroma and acidity, medium roast can be the option. This level is also quite popular amongst roasters. Medium roast coffee is usually brewed by french press, automatic dripping and pour over. Try the pour over method using light and medium roast to see the different result in flavor.

Those who prefer to have stronger flavors, medium dark roast is the right choice for you. Aromas of the coffee may be somewhat bittersweet or spicy. Recommended brewing methods for this level of roasting are automatic drip, vietnam drip and espresso.

Dark roasted coffee have very strong and bitter flavor which tends to dominate the original character of the bean itself, it is suitable if you want to add milk, sugar and other mixture to this type of roast. Espresso generally use dark roast method.

In the end, it all depends on your individual preference of taste.