The Champion's Recipe
Jul 12, 2018

For the first time, a female barista won the prestigious event for baristas in the world, World Barista Championship 2018 in Amsterdam. The protege of Sasa Sestic, managed to impress the jury with her coffee. For you who didn’t get to watch the live streaming of WBC 2018 a while ago, here is Agnieszka’s coffee recipe!

In this event, Agnieszka Rojewska was using Ethiophia coffee in her milk beverage. To optimize the taste of strawberries in her beverage, she prepared uses an intense espresso, putting 23 grams in the basket and 36 grams out using the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle machine. She also added 3.5 ounces of milk to get a taste of chocolate milk and warm strawberry jam. Full cream milk with high fat content combined with lower temperature helped to achieve soft texture like melted chocolate ice cream. And lastly, she poured a small heart in the middle of her latte.

Next beverage, this Polish barista makes her signature beverage using Ona Coffee’s O.C.D and stem devices and made a passionfruit infusion. Passionfruit infusion is made from 100 grams of passion fruit, 30 grams of coconut sugar, 50 ml of water and cooked for 3 hours at 60° C to get a natural tropical fruit notes. In addition, Rojewska also uses 100 grams of warm milk, 7 grams of citric acid in lime juice, then let sit for 3 hours before straining three times. The result: 20 grams of "Washed Milk" and creamy mouthfeel inher signature beverage. Then she add 4 grams of this liquid to 100 grams of water infused for 20 hours at 120°C and blended it with her espresso (20 grams in the basket, 35 grams out).

For the last beverage, she prepared espresso using the same Ethiopian coffee (20 grams in the basket and 45 grams out). Character of coffee flavor from Agnieszka's recipe has medium sweetness, medium bitterness, orange, plum, and low intensity of peach.

Curious how does it taste? We all do. I guess when it comes to caffeinated creativity, the sky is the limit.