Unique Coffee From Indonesia
Aug 21, 2018

These days, men and women enjoy coffee not only as a booster, but coffee has also become a lifestyle. There are a lot of ways how people drink their coffee, starting from sachets (instant coffee), getting it at the local coffee shop, even brewing it themselves at home or the office. Coffee has become one of the world’s favorite drink. Beside being known as one of the largest coffee producer in the world, Indonesia has a few unique way of brewing coffee and different cities has their own style.

1. Joss Coffee (Yogyakarta) If you visit Yogyakarta, you probably will come across Joss Coffee. Brewed with hot water and then mixed with burning charcoal, it has become one of the city’s unique culture. The name Joss comes from the “Jossing” or hissing sound the coffee made when mixed with burning charcoal. It is also known as The Charcoal Coffee.


image credit : travelingyuk.com

2. Kawa Coffee (Sumatra) This unique coffee from West Sumatra does not have a single bean involved in the making. Just like tea, it only uses the coffee leaves which has been dried and roasted for 12 hours. Then it is mixed with cold water and heat to boil. The way they serve Kawa coffee is not in a regular coffee cup, but using a coconut shell instead. Interested to try?

image credit : voxpop.id

3. Green Coffee (East Java) if the coffee you see is usually black or dark brown, this one is a little different. As the name suggests, this coffee is green because it is prepared using green beans and spices. Although, it is less popular in the community, but this coffee has become a “primadona” in its hometown, Tulungagung, East Java.

image credit : superadventure.co.id

4. Kopi Kopyok (East Java) Originated from Greek, East Java, Kopi Kopyok uses Javanese coffee which is coarsely ground and then brewed with hot water. The taste tends to be acidic and bitter.

image credit : kopijelata.com

5. Kopi Rarobang (Ambon, Maluku) It is a must to try Rarobang coffee when you visit Ambon. It has a very strong herb and significant aroma due to the mixture of ginger with pandan leaves, cinnamon, clove and roasted walnut. It was believed to also warm the body and lowered the blood pressure.

image credit : google.com

From the uniqueness of Indonesian coffee, the style of brewing certainly adds to the diversity of Indonesian coffee flavor. As a coffee connoisseur, have you ever tried any of them?