Varieties of Coffee
May 30, 2018

Same brewing method but taste different. Who knows a cup of black coffee that you usually drink come from different varieties? Each variety has their own character which will produce a different taste of coffee. This character depends on the origin and its growing environment. Although, each coffee variety has its own unique character, you can still change its character according to your liking.

When buying coffee, you will often seen varieties label that are usually listed on the packaging such as typica, bourbon, geisha, etc. But do you know the difference between these coffee varieties? Here are some varieties you should know if you are a coffee lover.


As the first variety, Typica is known as the mother of all varieties. This variety has sweet character with medium body.


Generally, this variety has a sweet taste and a little bit more complex. This variety is quite fragile and does not produce a lot of coffee, so it is considered a rare variety.


A variety that descends from the Bourbon gene, Caturra is a result of mutation. However, this variety has more advantages compared to bourbon, the tree is slightly shorter but the coffee production rate is higher and has good resistance to weather. As for the flavor, Caturra is not as sweet as Bourbon but has a more delicate body.


This variety is often used by baristas to compete at national and international levels. It feels complex and rich in floral flavors, to be unique to Gesha. In addition to the unique taste, this variety can’t just grow in any place which easily place itself in the ranks of expensive coffee in the world. Gesha grows in Central America, such as Panama. Panama Gesha Coffee is one of the world's most famous Gesha coffees. Have you tried it? Find this green coffee bean at our store - Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and Shopee


Pacamara is the result of crossing pacas and maragogipe variety. Pacamara has a complex and intense aroma. The smooth texture, the perfect ratio of sour mixed with sweetness of chocolate and berries, creating a blend of coffee that is so tempting for coffee lovers.

SL 28 & SL 34

The difference between these two varieties lies in the ability of endurance in pests and weather. SL28 has the advantage to survive in drought while for SL34 can thrive in weather with high rainfall. These varieties offers a taste of fruits, juicy with a complex acidity level. However, specifically SL-28, this variety has a more dominant blackcurrant flavor.


One of the wild varieties that grows in the Ethiopia region and a result of crossbreeding. There are a lot of wild varieties, this type is named Heirloom which represents wild varieties in Ethiophia such as Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.

The above varieties are still a small part of coffee varieties spread across the world. They are not typically found on the packaging of your beans. What other coffee varieties that you know?