Established in 2016, Indonesia International Trading began to cultivate the field of quality control process of Indonesian products such as coffee beans. The great potential of Indonesia as one of the largest Agricultural country is being utilized by IIT by doing the quality control process of the product that becomes quality raw materials and spread widely both domestically and abroad.

Indonesia International Trading is fully committed to providing raw materials for coffee beans and consistently manage the distribution of raw materials evenly with competitive, transparent and sustainable. To make it happen, IIT prioritizes trust and integrity of relationships between suppliers and consumers and provides ease of service to both local suppliers and businesses (consumers).

Currently, Indonesia International Trading focused in quality control process and manage the distribution coffee bean such as Specialty Coffee Bean, imported coffee beans dan certainly Indonesian coffee beans.

As a form being of provides raw materials in accordance with criteria (range of products) or consumer needs, especially in Indonesia, IIT supplies the coffee beans from several regions spread in Indonesia. Starting from Bali, Flores, Java, Bali Kintamani, Toraja and Mandaling which are known have the best quality coffee bean. In addition, IIT also provides imported coffee beans from various countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia and Kenya.

IIT offers high quality product with competitive price and guarantees availabilty of goods needed by customers in accordance to customers' criteria to both small and large scale.

International Single Origin Coffee
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