Term & Condition

PT. Indonesia International Trading is a leading global trading company specializing in Indonesian products with a competitive pricing policy. We draw on our extensive previous experience in managing one of the largest food processing companies and investment management firms in the world to bring you the highest levels of service, i.e. high quality products and timely delivery, Best practice industry standards, Top class customer service, and Advanced online ordering systems and client supply chain integration.Our vision to create IIT was we realize the need to find a reliable, transparent and sustainable supply chain for a range of Indonesian products. Our team is in the mission to provide customers and suppliers with added value and ease of service. We highly value and believe in integrity, respect, teamwork, and commitment to local suppliers and businesses.We are competing to source and market our products by holding on to four principles. We offer our customers and partners Price Efficiency, by reducing high margins by streamlining the process of working directly with suppliers, which enables us to present you a competitive pricing and services.Quality Control is done by utilizing our on-the-ground presence to monitor quality and consistency of our products.Reliability is an aspect that every supplier has to have. We maintain constant contact with suppliers and farmers to ensure availability and supply priority.Last but not least, Sustainability & Traceability. Our stringent sourcing methods allow us to run bean traceability schemes as well as sustainability models and full business transparency and certification.